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Things to Consider when Upgrading Your AC

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In South Florida we rely on our ACs to create a comfortable and cool environment, so it is obvious that when it comes time to upgrade your air conditioner, you will know that choosing the right one is a big decision; it’s one of the more important choices you will make concerning your home. This article will tell you everything you need to know about updating your climate controlled living.

The first step toward buying your new AC unit is calling a licensed HVAC technician who will come to your property to conduct an inspection. The technician will carefully look at the size of your property, its airflow, and any hot or cold spots. This will determine what kind of AC will best suit your needs, and ensure that you do not buy a unit that is too weak or too powerful for the space. Professional contractors, like Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning, take pride in finding the most effective AC units for customers. Unfortunately some contractors act as ‘salesmen’ and try to push more expensive units on customers whose homes do not need them.

Surface area
Probably the first, and most important, thing to consider when shopping for a new air conditioner is the size of your property. Obviously, larger homes will require more powerful units to ensure the entire area is cooled effectively. The technician should spend about an hour poking around your home and taking measurements. They should also have a look in the attic, if you have one, to check the insulation and ductwork. During this inspection the technician who will factor it in to his measurements of your home will record the heat coming in through the windows, or any cool drafts of air. Accurately calculating surface, however, is only one factor that needs to be considered when buying a new AC unit.

Climate and pollution
Because an air conditioner will change the microclimate of your household, it will be important to thoroughly consider the weather in your area and what sort of temperatures you’ll be experiencing outdoors. If you’ve recently moved to a new area and are not certain about the climate, ask somebody who has lived there for a long time. It may turn out that the summer months are hotter than you expected. Similarly, big cities and industrial areas will undoubtedly have some pollution in the air. Upgrading to a new AC unit is one of the better ways to deal with pollution and bad odors outside, as it will filter the outside air and allow better quality air inside your home. Additionally, if you live in a particularly high-pollution area a more powerful AC unit may even be necessary for your home, rather than simply a preference.

Energy consumption
Most professionals nowadays recommend that anyone looking to upgrade their AC unit should consider upgrading to an energy-saving model. Although more pricey than regular units, these new products will save you money in the long run as your energy consumption decreases. New, energy-saving AC models have recently become popular, as scientists have developed the technology to keep energy usage to a minimum, which saves money and reduces the carbon footprint of your home.

Once you’re certain that your home needs a new AC unit, give us a call and we’ll send one of our Home Comfort Consultants to inspect your property.


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