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Getting Cozy With An Air Conditioning Contractor

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Air conditioning is a necessity in South Florida and most of us have dealt with AC all our lives. While you may believe that you know a thing or two about AC, choosing the appropriate system to cool your home can be tricky. It’s unlikely that you will ever be able to take your home to optimal comfort levels without the advice of an air conditioning contractor. Also known as home comfort specialists, these experts will inspect your home and determine the ideal AC installation for each room to ensure that your family is comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.

The Unique Talents of a Home Comfort Air Conditioning Contractor Specialist

You wouldn’t let an unqualified doctor operate on you, so why let an unlicensed technician install or work on you air conditioning system? With a licensed air conditioning contractor, you can rest assured that they will provide expert insight that is worth paying for. These are some of the unique talents that you as a home-owner will have access to if you decide to enlist the services of a home comfort specialist:

  • Air Conditioning Size Analysis

    If your home isn’t as cool as you’d like it to be, the easy conclusion to reach is that you need a bigger air conditioning unit. However, the common saying, “bigger is better”, is not always applicable to air conditioning installations. A jack of all trades maintenance-man who doesn’t properly understand size requirements for a room may recommend the larger unit to cover his bases – the larger unit will cool the room, but it may cool it too quickly without removing sufficient humidity from the air. Not to mention that it will cost you more.

    The air conditioning contractor specialized in home comfort is acutely aware of the calculations that need to be done to determine the perfectly sized unit for each room in your home. They’ll measure the exact dimensions of the room and test how accurately, and how quickly the room reaches the desired temperature to determine if the unit is suitable.

  • Indoor Acoustics

    There is nothing worse than a noisy air conditioner. It will keep you up at night and cause constant annoyance during the day. A properly installed and well-maintained air conditioning unit should not be seen, felt or heard – it should simply create a comfortable indoor climate.

    Air conditioning contractors understand how important it is to design systems that operate in silence and they design these systems using in-depth knowledge of how the various components can interact and cause noise. Of course, the more expensive units are often designed with more attention to silence and cheaper units will likely produce some residual noise. However, a specialist will ensure that you get what you pay for and that no extra noise is generated due to poor installation.

  • Maintenance Expertise

    Much like a motor vehicle, your air-conditioning unit needs AC tune-ups and maintenance to continue operating at optimal performance levels. A set it and forget it attitude simply won’t do. There are various factors that affect the necessary frequency of these services and there is only one type of expert that has a comprehensive understanding of these factors – you guessed it, it’s an air conditioning contractor.

    The age of your system, the presence of pets in your home and the quality of your filters are all factors to consider and a specialist will advise you on scheduling maintenance and performing quality maintenance work to ensure that your system continues running smoothly.

Contact a Home Comfort Specialist

Your air conditioning system is a significant long-term investment and it’s just not prudent to assume that any old air conditioning installer will get the same results as a home comfort specialist. If you are serious about making your home a temperate sanctuary of comfort, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an air conditioning Comfort Consultant from Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric.


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