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FAQs About Central Air Conditioning Systems

central air conditioning systems
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If it’s deep in the summer in the deep south of the Sunshine State, you’ll appreciate your air conditioner. Floridians must surely prize their central air conditioning systems above all else. For both homes and businesses, a central air conditioning system is an absolute necessity.

So, you found your way to this page hoping to have some of your questions answered. Art Plumbing, AC & Electric has been installing central air conditioning systems for over 30 years. We understand what’s required to beat the South Florida heat. Let’s answer some of your questions about these often complex systems.

Why is it called “Central” Air Conditioning?

The term central refers to the cooling unit of the system being in one place. Cooled air circulates throughout the space via a network of ducting. Blowers move the air into the various living spaces. The central cooling unit contains a condenser that uses refrigerant to cool down coils. Air is then blown through these coils providing the cooling effect. Blowers control the flow rate into a room or area.

What Is the Right Size Air Conditioning Unit for Me?

To find out the best system for your home or commercial space, a technician needs to conduct a site visit. Two problems can arise if this is not done. A unit that is too powerful will not dehumidify the air. In South Florida, that’s a BIG no! Conversely, a system that is too small will not adequately cool the air. It will also work constantly thus increasing your energy bill. It’s best to get an HVAC technician to come and do an assessment first. Trust us, it’s worth it.

What Should the Service & Maintenance Schedule Look Like?

You should attempt to at least have your air conditioning system serviced annually. To be on the safe side, try to have the HVAC technician do a check-up on the system bi-annually. The more regular the service intervals are, the easier it is to perform preventive maintenance on the systems. The saying holds true, “prevention is better than cure,” even with central air conditioning systems!

How Long Will My Air Conditioning System Last?

If you conduct proper maintenance on your system, you should get a solid 15 – 20 years of service out of it. You may have to deal with the oddball repair here and there. But, if you keep up with a good maintenance regime, you can only win!

What Does SEER Stand For?

The acronym SEER stands for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER indicates how efficient a cooling system is based on seasonal averages. In this case, bigger is better! A higher SEER value means a more energy-efficient central air conditioning system.

Why Do ACs Need to Have Refrigerant Replaced?

Central air conditioning systems have many pipes. These pipes have many joints. Many joints mean many seals… And well, you get the picture. Since there are so many places for leaks to happen, some of the refrigerant gas will be lost. As the refrigerant gas levels decrease so will the cooling effect of your AC. It’s best to have refrigerant levels and pressure checked as part of your routine maintenance schedule.

What About Smart AC Systems?

Art Plumbing, AC & Electric uses a range of programmable and smart thermostats. These units are installed as the controls for your central AC. They allow you to fine-tune the comfort of your living space while simultaneously saving on your energy bills. There are even apps that will allow you to control your home’s atmosphere from your smartphone or tablet.

Who Should I Call to Install Central AC?

Central air systems are complicated to install. It requires a lot of experience and expertise to ensure the correct system is installed for your situation. In most cases, a site visit will be required to determine the best solution. It’s important that you always use a licensed and insured installer to fix or install your AC unit. This can save you tremendously in the long-run.

Art Plumbing, AC & Electric carries a Florida State certification (CAC1818277) for the installation of air conditioning systems. Check out our Facebook page for some more helpful information or give us a call today at 1-800-475-1504.


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