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Why Commercial AC Tune-Ups Should Be A Top Priority

commercial ac tune-ups
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In sunny, humid South Florida, there’s one asset which your business or commercial property simply cannot do without: an AC unit. Even a few hours without AC could result in a loss of customers or productivity, and could leave occupants of a commercial property severely disgruntled. By ensuring that your business or property receives regular commercial AC tune-ups, you’ll be able to avoid costly AC failures and expensive repair jobs down the line. At Art Plumbing, AC and Electric, we have years of experience in providing commercial AC tune-ups, and will be able to provide you with only the best maintenance assistance so that you can focus on the real work of running your business or managing your commercial property.

Whatever The Nature Of Your Business, Regular Commercial AC Tune-Ups Are A Must

Whether you’re in the retail industry with customers regularly visiting your business space, or run your business from an office with a number of employees, having a functioning AC unit is crucial to ensuring optimal business performance. Whether you’re receiving customers or consulting clients, you want them to be as comfortable as possible and provide them with a pleasant experience at your premises. You also want to be sure that you provide the ideal working environment for your employees so that their productivity is not adversely affected by the heat. If your AC unit fails unexpectedly, not only will you lose customers, but your employees’ productivity and comfort will suffer. Owners of commercial properties should also make an effort to ensure their AC units are regularly given tune-ups, as an AC unit failure could greatly inconvenience tenants and may even lead to civil suits if the failure to maintain the AC unit constitutes a breach of contract. Commercial property owners have a duty to look after tenants, and in any case, maintaining AC units can only enhance the long-term value of the property. The bottom line is that whatever the nature of your business, investing in regular commercial AC tune-ups is integral to ensuring the smooth and efficient running of operations.

What Does A Commercial AC Tune-Up Involve?

AC units are complex and have many different parts which require regular maintenance. Since most AC units work almost all-year round in South Florida, it’s only to be expected that they require regular tune-ups to keep functioning at their best. Any commercial AC tune-up will involve the following: cleaning and checking the coils, cleaning and replacing filters if necessary, monitoring refrigerant levels, recalibrating the thermostat, lubricating moving parts, testing and adjusting blower components, and testing electrical components as well as voltage and safety controls. After assessing the overall condition of the unit, an AC technician will also be able to advise you on whether any more significant repairs are needed, and on what steps you can take to enhance your AC unit’s overall efficiency.

Long-Term Benefits Of Regular AC Tune-Ups

Regularly maintaining your AC unit also has many long-term benefits for your business. AC units which are not properly maintained accumulate dust and dirt, and eventually they begin to experience a decrease in efficiency. This may also result in costly repairs or units needing to be replaced sooner than expected, which will be a financial burden for your business. By giving your commercial AC unit a tune-up, you’ll be able to ensure that your unit is operating at its optimal efficiency level, which means your business will be cooler and your energy bills cheaper. You’ll also be able to prolong the lifespan of your unit, and save money by avoiding frequent repair jobs.

AC Maintenance From Art Plumbing, AC And Electric

Art Plumbing, AC and Electric’s HVAC technicians are trusted by business and commercial property owners all over South Florida. Our technicians have extensive experience in AC unit repair and maintenance, and are committed to providing outstanding client services at all times. Our teams will perform the necessary tune-ups and provide you with recommendations for prolonging the lifespan and enhancing the efficiency of your unit. We also offer a yearly maintenance plan – the Service Partner Plan – which allows your business to enjoy priority response in case of an emergency, priority scheduling for maintenance visits, and discounts on repairs. Consult us at Art Plumbing, AC and Electric today for all your commercial AC maintenance needs.


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