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Keep Your Summer Electric Bill Down

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Summer, especially in South Florida, can get hot. While the temperature will be on the rise outside, you don’t want your electric bill to be rising while your central air conditioning unit works hard to make sure the temperature stays cool inside.

Here are five tips to keeping your electric bill manageable this summer while your central air conditioning keeps on running.

Tip 1: Install a programmable thermostat and learn to use it properly. Using a programmable thermostat with your central air conditioning can help you set predetermined temperatures. If your home is empty during the day, program the thermostat to keep the home a couple of degrees warmer. When the home is occupied, a good temperature to keep the thermostat set at is 78 degrees. This temperature will help keep the occupants cool but also keep your electric bill manageable.

Tip 2: Close the vents on the lower floor. If you have a two story (or more) home, you will quickly learn that hot air rises. Due to this fact, the lower floor keeps cooler easier, so you should close most of your central air conditioning vents on the lower floor in an effort to keep the second floor cooler. Especially if the bedrooms are located on the second floor.

Tip 3: In an effort to keep the cool air that your central air conditioning unit is generating in your home, make sure to seal off any areas where you think the cool air might be able to escape. Check to make sure doors and windows are well-sealed and make sure to close any patio doors. You don’t want to lose the cool air that your unit is working to produce. It has been reported that experts believe the average home leaks 30% of the cool air generated by an air conditioner. This is money being lost through wasted energy.

Tip 4: Make sure your central air conditioning unit sees regular maintenance and is running efficiently. When your unit is not running at peak performance, it will likely be costing you more money to have it cooling you home. When it is maintained regularly, it will be more economical to run and will cost you less to keep your home cool.

Tip 5: Change your air filter. While you can expect to change your air filter every three months, you should check on the filter every month throughout the summer. If it is dirty, change it. A dirty air filter will reduce your central air conditioning unit’s efficiency, resulting in higher electric bills.


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