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Blowing Out These AC System Fallacies

AC System Fallacies
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We demand a lot from our AC systems: we want them to be cost-effective, cooling-efficient, and ready to work overtime whenever we need to use them. When it comes to choosing and running your AC unit, there are some common fallacies about what’s best for your wallet and for the system itself. We’re here to blow out these AC system myths, so you can be in the know-how when it comes to your home’s air conditioning unit.

Myth: Your AC Doesn’t Need Regular Maintenance

We’ve all been there. Your to-do list starts stacking up, other areas of your home need seeing to, your schedule is just too busy to even think of organizing maintenance work for an AC unit that still appears to be in good working order. Leaving your air conditioning unit without regular servicing can lead to a myriad of problems that are mostly preventable if regular maintenance had been performed.

A buildup of dust and debris will not only reduce the output of your AC unit, it will also severely impact the quality of the air inside your home. Routine maintenance on your AC system will ensure that your unit’s fins and coils are checked and cleaned, as well as ensure that your filters are being replaced. Regular maintenance by a professional AC company will improve your AC’s airflow, and lower your energy bills in the process. 

Myth: Bigger Is Better

Air conditioners are built for both the size and layout of your home. It’s easy to think that a larger unit will cool your home down faster, but in reality, you’ll just be wearing the system out because it’s either under-equipped or over-equipped for your home. This will impact the lifespan of your AC – no matter how often you get it serviced. 

AC systems also act as dehumidifiers and air filters. Cooling your home is just one of their functions! An improperly sized AC unit will have trouble conditioning your air to the best standard, so it’s best to seek professional advice when installing a new system.

Myth: It’s Cheaper to Leave the AC at The Same Temperature When You’re Out

No one wants to come home to discover that it’s actually cooler in your front yard than it is in your bedroom, but you don’t have to leave the AC on its highest or lowest setting all day to keep your costs down. In fact, your system will have to work harder to adjust your home’s temperature throughout the day, even though you won’t be home to notice it.

Instead of making your machine run all day, it’s better to invest in a smart thermostat. As a golden rule you shouldn’t have the temperature go up or down by more than 4 to 5 degrees but there is no need for it to be working at full power when you not there. 

Myth: Using Your AC Will Give You A Cold

This is a common misconception. You might have heard that being out in cold weather will give you a cold, too, but the common cold is actually virus, meaning the temperature of your home isn’t as important as good hygiene and hand-washing. As long as your AC system is clean and your filters are in good condition, you can set your temperature as low as you’d like it. 

Myth: Turning the Temperature Down Affects Your Entire Home

If you share your home with others, chances are you’ve argued about the best setting for the AC. Luckily, AC zoning can solve all of your personal preference temperature problems. With AC zoning, you can divide your house into separate rooms or floors that can be individually customized with your thermostat. Whether you’re cooling a specialized room, or letting your kid choose the temperature for their own space, everyone can live in comfort. 

Contact us today at Art Plumbing, AC & Electric and let us draw up a preventative maintenance schedule for your AC unit, keeping you comfortable this summer and beyond.


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