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Don’t Sweat Through A Broken Air Conditioner

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When the sun is out and the weather is beautiful, it can be frustrating when your air conditioner won’t turn on. But rather than sweating through the heat and humidity that has taken over your home, call an air conditioning repair company to get your unit pumping out the cool once again.

Whether you have a newer air conditioning unit or an older unit, both have the potential to require air conditioning repairs. There are definitely some more common problems that require repair. The first common issue is refrigerant leaks. When your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, the repair can be as simple as adding refrigerant. However, if your unit is leaking, you will require an air conditioning repair professional to fix the leak. After the repair has been made, the professional will be able to test to ensure the leak has been fixed and then refill the unit with the correct amount of refrigerant.

Another common issue with air conditioners is with the electric controls. Your air conditioning unit is made up of many electric control components which have the potential to wear out because the air conditioner turns off and on frequently. An air conditioning repair professional will be able to check the compressor and fan controls and ensure there are no problems with wire and terminal corrosion.

Your air conditioning unit might also have some drainage problems which are making it in need of repair. When the condensate drain gets clogged, the unit will not drain properly. An air conditioning repair professional will be able to unclog any drains and make sure the unit is draining and running properly. If a sensor has been knocked out of position, the unit may not be able to properly read the temperature of air coming into the evaporative coil, causing your unit to not run properly. An air conditioning repair professional will be also be able to fix any needed repairs to your unit’s sensors.

While repairs can always be done to an air conditioning unit to get it running and cooling your home again, it is wise to think about performing regular maintenance on your unit in an effort to stop any total breakdowns and limit the amount of needed future repairs. You should have your unit’s coils regularly cleaned and the unit’s filters should also be changed regularly in order to keep your air conditioner running efficiently.

When you don’t maintain regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit, you will be more than likely calling your local air conditioning repair professional to come and fix your unit.


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