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Get a Professional to Install Your Air Conditioning Unit

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It is important to remember that with products that require service installations, such as air conditioning, it is best to have it professionally installed by a qualified and experienced technician. This will ensure high quality service, you won’t accidentally void any warranties, and you will avoid the headache of trying to DIY the job. Another benefit of having your AC unit professionally installed is you can sign up for a service & maintenance plan, which will guarantee regular maintenance and precision system checks – all important for keeping your home cool and extending the life of your air conditioning unit.

So, now you are probably asking yourself “what are the range of products and services that air conditioning installers like Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning can offer me and why is it important to have a professional air conditioning installer do the job?”

Air conditioners
These days, there is now a variety of different AC’s to accommodate diverse budgets, needs, and building types. The irony is though, that cheaper models of air conditioners will ultimately cost you more, with regards to electricity consumption and maintenance, than the more expensive models. Thanks to modern day technology, these top of the range models are more efficient and use much less electricity, saving your pocket and the environment in the long run. If you are unsure about which unit best suits you and your home, contact an experienced professional for advice and an expert installation process – no DIY disasters!

Solar zone window films – go green!
You can have a special film installed over your windows that will filter harmful UV rays, glare, and heat while only allowing natural light to enter your home. This will reduce energy costs related to air conditioning as it regulates temperatures within your home. This means that your AC unit doesn’t have to work as hard as it normally would to cool the area. This is great for homes with a sun room or large expanses of windows – you can enjoy the light without the heat and costs of trying to cool a “greenhouse”. Make sure that they are perfectly applied and installed by hiring a practiced and experienced serviceman such as Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning – this way you can be sure that there will be no bubbled or skew films.

Programmable thermostats and system zoning
Programmable thermostats and system zoning installations allow you to regulate the temperature in your house or building to suit your needs. You can program different rooms to different temperatures so that your home is perfectly regulated throughout. These systems need qualified technicians to install them correctly and help you understand and program the thermostat.

For any of your air conditioning needs, it would be in your favor to contact Art Plumbing & Air Conditioning. We are an established company in the air conditioning field with a good reputation and quality services and products – check us out online!


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