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AC Tune Up With An Air Conditioning Contractor

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What is an AC Tune up?

The air conditioning unit in your home is arguably one of the largest consumers of energy out of all your appliances. So making sure it is in optimal running performance should be essential. An AC tune up is an essential part of the maintenance needed for your air conditioner, and should always be executed by an air conditioning contractor. Even after as short as a year, your AC will have started to age through continual use and collect a deposit of dust. This aging of your AC and its components through continual use, plus the dust accumulation will lead to your AC not performing as well as it should. This decrease in efficiency will mean the electricity bill will go up and if the age deterioration isn’t seen to, a replacement of the whole unit might be your only option.

Why is a tune up important?

Although air conditioners have a lifespan of about 10 years, this lifespan can be severely shortened if the AC unit is NOT regularly serviced by a professional company. As the appliance gets older, it could suddenly break down or stop working seemingly unexpectedly. If this happens it means that the deterioration has accumulated and increased the amount of energy wasted for the same amount of cooling power. This can include the fans getting bent, refrigerant piping starting to leak, or the filters getting clogged. These are all issues that could be easily rectified with a quick visit from an air conditioning contractor and could be the difference between a new AC in 10 years instead of 5 years.

What needs to be checked?

Before you call an expert, there are a few things you can check by yourself to get a better idea of the state of your AC. By no means does this replace the need for a professional tune up, but it does help a little.  First, you should check that the unit is clear from obstruction and clear away any branches, creepers, leaves, and twigs that could be encroaching on or obstructing the unit. Finally check that the fans aren’t bent, as bent fan blades won’t provide the correct air flow.

There are many other things that need to be checked which you will not be qualified to do. When you hire an air conditioner contractor, they will be able to check the rest. For your information, and so that you can have an idea what is going on, these are the components the expert will need to check:

  • Coils: Used for the compression and condensation, will need to be inspected for damage, have debris removed and cleaned.
  • Refrigerant levels: Overuse can mean that your refrigerant levels are low, so the contractor will check them, top up what’s missing and ensure that the operating pressure is right.
  • Electric components: All the electrical components must be checked for faulty or loose wires and promptly replaced by a professional.
  • Filtration: The filters will need cleaning and maybe replacement, to increase airflow into the system.
  • Overall condition of the unit

Once all of this is done the AC will be calibrated. This is done by checking the thermostat, as well as the amperage and voltage that is being used. The pressure through the system will also be checked at this point.

Once your air conditioning contractor has gone through all of steps it will mean that your AC won’t give up on you and you can enjoy cool air for many more summers to come.


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