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When You Need to Call an AC Repair Company

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Whether or not your AC needs a repair can be determined easily in some cases i.e. when it simply stops working. In other cases, it may be trickier to decide whether there is something you can do to fix your AC or whether your AC is in need of proper professional repair. Here are some of the most important warning signs that tell you it is time to call a professional repair company.

1. Your AC isn’t generating cold air
This is the most obvious warning sign that you could see as basically put it results in your home becoming hot and humid, making your environment very uncomfortable especially in a Floridian climate. In such cases you will definitely want to make a call for professional help and repair. Just remember though, that this isn’t the only factor that determines whether your AC is broken because the truth is that a broken AC (which is in need of repair) may nevertheless still be producing cold air.

2. Your energy bills are excessive
So many times we hear the same old story – you decided to skip your annual AC tune-up and now you have noticed that your energy bills have suddenly spiked since last summer. If a spike in energy bills is your issue you will no doubt want a professional repairman on the job. Your AC may be defective, and it may be needing more and more energy to cool down the air. Do not take any chances – make the call and have someone look over your system immediately.

3. Your AC is making strange noises
Whether your AC has suddenly started to make unusual noises or whether the usual noises are becoming increasingly louder, this is another example of definitely having your AC repaired. A metal-on-metal scratch may indicate a problem with the fan. If the fan is actually the problem that is another story, but the point is ignoring these noises could well lead to a much costlier repair, or even replacement, further down the line.

4. There is moisture inside the ducts
Although your AC is meant to be able to handle a certain degree of moisture, given that it is situated outside, there should not be moisture coming from the ducts which are inside your home. If there is, you need to call an AC repair company straight away because there could be a number of things wrong with your system. Although the water may simply be condensation from a nearby pipe, it may also be the toxic cooling liquid that is leaking from the system. This will need to be cleaned up as soon as possible by a professional who knows how to correctly clean, dispose, and then repair the situation to ensure the safety of you and your family.

5. There are strange smells coming from your AC
Strange smells are also an indicator that your AC needs a repair. A foul, metallic smell could mean that your AC’s wire insulation has burned through. On the other hand, a musty smell could mean that there is mold growing in your AC system. Generally speaking, neither of these smells are good and finding and repairing the cause of them will need the expertise of a professional!

Most importantly, although it may seem tempting at first, it is best to avoid even trying to fix your AC yourself when any one of the above indicators are present or when your AC is clearly not functioning at all. While you may be looking to avoid costs, more often than not, DIY fixes lead to more serious problems in the long run which will ultimately end up costing you more.


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