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AC Mistakes You Are Making Right Now!

AC Mistakes
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The heat in Florida means that a properly functioning air conditioning system is vital. The cool air from the air conditioner (AC) is refreshing on a hot and humid day and keeps the air in your home cool and comfortable. The need for efficient air conditioning has led to a demand for good, quality AC services. However, by making these ac mistakes, you could be servicing your unit unnecessarily.

The Benefits of Air Conditioning

There are many reasons to keep your AC unit serviced and in tip-top shape. ACs can provide a significant level of comfort in a home and can help in creating an optimal working environment. For AC units to avoid becoming an environmental burden, many manufacturers are creating air conditioners with energy savings components. ACs are useful in reducing humidity and creating better air quality.

AC Mistakes to Avoid

As trusted in South Florida for reliable service since 1983, we shed light on tips that homeowners regularly make with their air conditioning to help you avoid making the same mistakes.

  • Neglecting Routine Maintenance And Cleaning

    Issues such as leaks and dirt can often lead to your AC working at a lower optimum standard. Regular routine checks by qualified AC technicians will ensure that these issues are prevented. Cleaning the AC filter will not only keep your AC working optimally, but it will also reduce your energy bills by up to 15%, and improve the air flowing through your home.

  • Not Giving Your AC A Break

    Normally, an AC will work for a few minutes at a time, cooling the air at intervals. If your AC runs continually, it could mean that the AC thermostat is affected, and the AC needs repair.

  • Attempting A DIY Fix

    It may seem like a good idea to handle the maintenance and repairs of the AC yourself, but this is a terrible mistake. If anyone other than a trained technician or factory dealer handles your AC unit, it will lose its warranty. Your AC repairs should be done by a qualified technician.

  • Incorrect Installation

    Your AC unit should be sized appropriately to the rest of your home. Appropriate size is important for the unit to work effectively with optimized energy usage and reduced costs. Another aspect of installation that affects energy efficiency and cost is the location of your unit.

  • Delaying Repairs

    If you are suspicious that your AC may need repairs, delaying the process will only worsen the situation by compounding the damage or dirt. If you continue to use your problematic AC, you may cause irreparable damage.

  • Neglecting the Surrounding Areas

    Attending to your AC will ensure that problems are reduced, it is important to not neglect the surrounding elements that play a role in the AC’s functionality, namely ceiling fans and ductwork. Ceiling fans are vital in improving airflow, especially on those warm Florida days, and they work as a low-cost alternative for air circulation. If your AC has slowed or started blowing slightly warmer air, there may be an issue with ductwork having holes, allowing the cool air to escape. A professional AC technician will be able to effectively fix ductwork holes. Pay attention to these elements that support your AC so that you reduce the possibility of damage.

These are just a few simple tips on how to avoid making a mistake with your AC. Giving your AC the proper care and attention will result in the unit being able to reciprocate and work efficiently and effectively. If you do find that you need AC repairs, Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric offer quality air conditioning repair services, and are always ready to help with a smile.


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