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AC Maintenance: Preparing For Hurricane Season

AC Maintenance
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Hurricane season is here. The last thing you might be thinking about is AC maintenance. You’re likely preparing the rest of your home for strong weather conditions, but don’t forget about preparing your air conditioner for the changing weather patterns! Air conditioning maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis, but it is especially important during this time of year.

AC Maintenance and Hurricane Season

Preventative HVAC maintenance will include having your air conditioning system checked no less than once a year. The conditions that hurricanes bring can take a massive toll on the comfort of your family, and you want your AC functioning in good condition.

Waterproofing your air conditioner with a tarp is not necessary throughout the year. However, during hurricane season this will be a good investment to protect your home from water damage. AC units that rest on a concrete slab will provide a good foundation for your exterior AC unit. This can be done at any time, but it is especially important during this season to prevent damage from pooling water.

South Florida requires that AC units are securely mounted to concrete slab. Additionally, installing a surge-protector is a good way to prevent against lightning threats.

And last but not least, make sure that you have removed any loose debris that may be lifted by wind gusts and destroy your outdoor AC unit.

When Bad Weather Conditions Strike

At Art, we care about our customers and their homes. Our experts have put together some suggestions for AC maintenance during a storm, and by this we mean how to take care of your HVAC system when a storm strikes.

  • Cool your home down before a storm hits so that you are not left in humid conditions. This can be done by setting your thermostat a bit lower than usual. Close the curtains and keep the room at a comfortable temperature.
  • Find the circuit breaker for your air conditioning system and turn it off. This will prevent any power surges that could cause fire damage.
  • Window AC units should be removed from the window area. Strong winds can pull a window air conditioner out your house causing more damage than what might have naturally occurred.
  • Take care of your AC outdoor condenser by covering it with plywood or something similar. This will protect it from damage caused by wind-blown objects.
  • Check your AC for damage or flooding after the storm has passed before turning it on. It is possible that damage may have occurred during the storm and refrigerant leaks can occur. Allow some time for moisture to settle and avoid the buildup of mold and mildew.
  • In cases where the temperature is high, but the storm threatens your electrics, consider purchasing a generator so that you can still make use of other methods to keep your home cool such as floor or ceiling fans.

AC Maintenance In South Florida

If you have not conducted regular AC maintenance throughout the year, preparing for hurricane season would be a good time to do so. Art Plumbing, Air Conditioning & Electric can take care of your home’s preparation for hurricane season including your air conditioner and your electronics. There are practical ways to ensure that your AC unit does not become a costly and inconvenient expense after the storm and the season for that matter has passed. If you think it’s time for a checkup, call in the experts at Art. We’ll make sure your HVAC system is ready this hurricane season!


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